Mariana Oppel is an Artist, Illustrator, Graphic and Web-designer and book creator and now a ceramic maker.

Mariana has always had an inclination toward the artistic and creative. As a little girl she liked dressing up, singing, and dancing, and putting on plays with her cousins; but more than anything she loved drawing and painting.

Through the years she learned and experimented with all kinds of materials and techniques, in both the Fine Arts and in Arts and Crafts appreciating and acknowledging both forms as equals. She knows from experience the hard work and inspiration that went into the works of both “The great Masters” and those of the indigenous peoples of the Earth, through their humble but powerful connection to All there is.

Mariana has a degree in Commercial Art where she specialized in Illustration

Life moved her to live in different countries and hear and speak different languages and share with people from different cultures, which confirmed Mariana's inherent understanding that Love is the Universal glue that keeps us all together.  Her earliest paintings depicting people of all colors (as in red, yellow and blue) show the beauty in our diversity; that we can simultaneously be different and the same, and we can share and appreciate each other for what we are.

The birth of her son brought about many new questions. She entered into a journey of inner and outer explorations through different healing arts, philosophies, practices, teachers and techniques. This became a two decade journey that still continues to this day. Mariana also began to share her knowledge about art and later all the wisdom that comes from her inner guidance by teaching workshops, furthering her studies, and combining art and the healing arts.

Mariana is constantly manifesting creative ways to express herself. Lately it was books, with still more to come. Her first book inspiration (The Love Fruit), came while living in the rain forest in Costa Rica, surrounded by Nature. Her second book: "What to do to get things done", was published in 2015.

Recently Mariana re-discovered her love for ceramics, a childhood favorite that is now flourishing in a new direction.

Mariana enjoys reaching for experiences that are both fulfilling and fun. She loves traveling around the world in the company of loved ones and connecting with others.

Her art has always had the purpose and message of spreading Love, Unity and bringing joy to others.