Latest work

Latest work, mostly still inspired by the rain forest.

Rainforest illustrations:


The Love Fruit Project:

 A project I've been working on which includes: Children's books, a game website, dolls and other products, etc.

These are some illustrations from the first book: The Children and the seedpod.


Handmade dolls:

While living in the rainforest I started making this cloth dolls and pillows. Many are characters from my stories and other creations. 


Other projects:

Tales from the forest:

Short stories in a web-comic format.


Lovely the heart:

Lovely the heart is here to show us what LOve is... What LOve does... What happens when we let LOve flow into our lives... Illustrations with a message in a webcomic format.



Some work over the years:

I had worked with many different materials and techniques, from old fashioned art materials, to vector (Adobe Illustrator) and Adobe Photoshop design and illustration and everything in between.